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By Vernalee

Sticky notes on a cork board

Sticky notes on a cork board

Are there ever enough hours in a day? Yes, it’s how you manage your time! Time is one of those intangibles that we cannot control. All of my days, except Sunday (a day of worship) are beginning to look alike. Hmm! Either, I am overworked or work too much. Flip a coin! It doesn’t matter whether it lands on heads or tails. The net results or my daily tasks don’t change. In an interesting dialogue yesterday, I said to my son, “I’m so behind.” Normally, I complain about my load to others. My son in sheer amazement answered, “What? You’re so organized and efficient. You’re always on top of things!” He was innocently surprised! Thank you my son for your kind words and compliments, but looks are so deceiving. Admittedly, to the average eye, I may look like the duck that effortlessly glides on the water, but if you screen shot my feet underneath, I am peddling and kicking up a storm to stay afloat. My days are consumed with mountain high “Things to do Lists” and post it notes. Wow, I wish that I had invented those colorful adhesive pads that I use to organize my days and remind me of tasks / activities. So today, let’s see what my list and post it notes have outlined. I may decide to let the sticky-notes stay put, rest in, and do nothing. That’s the beauty of choice. God willing; What I don’t finish today, I’ll do tomorrow. It’s a balancing act – Work hard, play hard, enjoy life! I’ll post my decision on a pink sticky note as to whether I decide to work, play, or rest … Stay tuned!
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