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PostHeaderIcon A two way street

By Vernalee -  2 way streets
I learn just as much from my children as they do from me! Routinely, we bounce ideas off each other. We help each other think, come up with ideas, and solve problems. Sounding boards and motivators, we have become! We work as an innovative team; an unbeatable one at that. Our concepts and thoughts – be they spiritual, personal, professional, entrepreneurial and the like – wisely flow in both directions.

Often, I am not sure – who is teaching whom. It doesn’t really matter because we all benefit in the process and in the end. We thoughtfully respect each other’s opinions. I am so thankful for them, their knowledge, their interventions, and their wisdom. Perhaps, my foundation was better than I thought. What sagacious children I have! Our modus operandi is one of “give and take” as we lovingly and sincerely want the other to succeed. Our relationship is uniquely special and its radiance brightly shines for us and the world to see. There is strength in numbers. “Together we stand; divided we fall.”

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