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By Vernalee
Admittedly, I am slow to condemn people. I have always felt that there is good in folks.
Why I fail to recognize that good folks can do bad things and bad folks can do good things is sometimes beyond my comprehension.
Giving folks the benefit of the doubt has always been my forte.
Silly me!
Perhaps, I tend to see the good, not the bad; the successes, not the failures. No matter what cover up process is used, invariably people will show you who they are.
It is in their DNA.
Well put by Dr. Maya Angelou, “When people show you who they are, believe them … the first time.”
Our making excuses to acknowledge what we see or refuse to see is our cover-up, not theirs!
Don’t wait until they do something despicable to open your eyes.
Stop getting your feelings hurt!
Injury knows no preference.
We can’t say that they didn’t give us a preview.
With wide opened eyes, we saw!
With wide opened eyes, we either accepted or excused their behavior.
People may not change their injurious ways, but you and I can stop aiding and abetting them with our acceptance.
The tiger doesn’t change its stripes.
Neither will they!
They may be articulate smooth talkers, but if their actions don’t match their words, how can you take them seriously?
Trust your eyes.
Believe what you see!
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PostHeaderIcon A tiger doesn’t change its stripes!

By Vernalee
Call me naïve though I am in my 60’s. Certainly, I should know better! Maybe, it’s only human nature to believe that people will do what they say. Admittedly, I always find redeeming qualities in people. I tend to look for the good, not the bad. So what if they make mistakes; we all do. We can rebound! Dr. Maya Angelou said – “people should do better once they know better.” Well, I believed and I got duped once again; hoodwinked in fact! When people have questionable character, only they can change that; not you! I hold true to the barometer of hope. I guess I will always be an eternal optimist, but realism sheds its light on the truth! Pristine to the phrase’s definition, “a tiger doesn’t change its stripes;” man doesn’t change his essential nature. That is a truism … regardless!
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PostHeaderIcon No, this is not the Wild, Wild West! It’s North Charleston, South Carolina!

By Vernalee
Thank goodness for videos. They can validate any situation. Such validation occurred when a bystander took a video in North Charleston, S.C. Recorded from his cell phone, the world witnessed a policeman gunning down an unarmed man. Shooting someone in the back requires no explanation. It is what it is! Cold blooded murder! The technology of the cell phone made the shooting transparent. You don’t have to take anyone’s word, when you can see it for yourself! Seeing a person gunned downed like an animal is horrendous to watch and chilling to the soul. You can’t escape the chill bumps! My sympathies to the Scott family and other similarly situated families where senseless violence has taken their loved ones. Witnessing that type of brutality is a memory that the video will preserve and keep alive! A picture is worth a thousand words! But there are no words that can justify this senseless act. It is a call to action including body cameras for policemen. The involved policeman was fired and charged with murder. Finally, the minds of the authorities processed what their eyes saw!
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