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PostHeaderIcon The table is turned!

By Vernalee
When we want to know how someone else feels, putting yourself in their shoes is the best teacher. The Indians have a saying, You never know what another person is going through until “you walk a mile in their moccasins.” Let’s walk and do a role reversal. Now how would you feel if the person that you lied to lied to you? How would you feel if a person had sufficient resources and wouldn’t help you financially? These are positions that you know all too well because you have become a master at the game! When the shoe is on your foot, suddenly the scenery changes. So now you want to change! First order of business. You plan to do better; be more considerate; and not place folks on the back burner. Sweet words, but I am sorry. You really didn’t try; you didn’t give it your all! You continued to feed your ego and play games! Let’s see. Your selfish overindulgences in activities that included only you took priority over relationships. Everyone had to play second fiddler. Everybody noticed, but you! Shame on you! Now, the table has turned. Pull up a seat. Where will your conduct lie on the inverted table? Selfish and selfless have the same prefix, but are significantly different. Ironically, you thought that you were getting over; that you were fooling everybody. However, everybody was saying that you were nice, but odd. No one had the courage or nerves to tell you; not even your family! You wouldn’t have listened anyway. You are too defensive or you would make an excuse to cover what everyone already knows. Your selfish lifestyle is visibly apparent. How did you not know that? Shhh! Listen up! You are the silent topic of discussion. Can you hear them? It is not all about you as you thought. Other people are watching you, talking to you, and talking about you behind your back! Careful! Some of the naysayers may be sitting at your table!
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PostHeaderIcon He did what? Seriously!

By Vernalee
Why is he acting like this? Man-oh-man!
The Whiner – always complaining about something – just like a _____. (Profanity not allowed).
The Jealous hearted – pretends that he wants you to accomplish greatness, but he really doesn’t want you to have more than him.
The Copy Cat – whatever you do, he wants to do too.
The “was gonna do” guy – is always about to do something for you, but it never happens.
The Substituter – His problem is always just as big as yours. You can’t even have an issue without him having one. You can never cry along, because he sniffs louder than you. Give him a Kleenex.
“In denial” – will never own up to his problems and genuinely thinks he has successfully pulled the wool over your eyes so that you cannot see who he really is.
The non-pleasers – The impotent ones land here. Why hide behind what she already knows? Work on the issue together. That is what couples who love each other do. Otherwise, you are selfishly ignoring your mate’s needs.
The great pretender – looking the other way is his skill. That way, he can pretend that he didn’t know you had a problem.
Your house, not his – What is he hiding … besides you?
The family man – Oops, this only refers to his family, not yours!
The Reminder – reminds you of everything that he has ever done for you. Here he goes with his A – Z list. Zzzz!
Here’s the good part. If you start behaving like him, he’ll think that you are acting entirely selfish! Imagine that! There’s more! The list goes on … There simply isn’t enough space. Hopefully, ladies … there isn’t enough room for him in your life! You decide.
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PostHeaderIcon You are not exempt!

By Vernalee
It-s-hard-but-not-impossible-to-escape-the-Super-TalkerWhen you hear associates talk about other folks in your presence, they likely talk about you in your absence. Yep, I said it! Never think for one moment that you are exempt from their scrutiny and conversation. They see everything about other people because it is their nature to critique. If you have dust in the corner of the room, their magnified eyes picked it up before your vacuum cleaner. If your teeth are discolored, they know before your dentist. Remember, it’s all about them when you gather. If and when they asked, “What’s going on with you;” you are too exhausted to talk because you have heard hours of their chatter. That’s why I love the admonition in Matthew 7:5: “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Therefore, the next time she opens her mouth, I will gracefully, wisely, and charismatically share with her what Jesus said! Hopefully, she will get the message!
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PostHeaderIcon Are you a phony?

By Vernalee
disguise 2
If you are a phony and you know it, clap your hands! I don’t hear any claps! Do you? Of course not! Most people will not admit who they are particularly when it is not flattering! Do you say one thing and do another? Do you act exceptionally kind in the public, but are a mean spirit when you are not in the limelight? Do you profess to be a Christian, quote scriptures off the top of your head, attend church every Sunday, but will not help your fellow man / woman when you are in the position to do so? Have you become a pro at wearing blinders so that you can see only what you wish to view? Why be accountable, when you don’t have to! You may never admit who you are, but someone sees your disguises and what you failed to do! Sooner, or later, you will be found out. One person did see you and all your acts of pretentiousness, hypocrisy, and selfishness. God!

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