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PostHeaderIcon Tomorrow will be a sick day

By Vernalee
ferris bueller
Maybe, you have figured it out! I am calling off tomorrow. I have decided to take a sick day. Besides, I can accumulate sick days and they are there for me to use. Why touch my vacation days, when they translate into money in the bank. Of course, I am not ill today and I do not anticipate feeling bad tomorrow. I need to rest my body and my mind from the insanity that goes on at work. Just as the sun rises in the east, for sure, I know that on the jobsite tomorrow, it will be another cut throat, conniving, scheming day. The workplace shenanigans occur like clockwork. Each workday has its share of ruthlessness. There are no bona fide leaders and the semblances of supervisors look the other way.
Some may call this – fake sick time. Who cares when the majority of the workers are fakes? What a seamless blending of the two! Everyone is innocently carefree because they wear rubber sole shoes that invisibly kick your behind with no traceable footprints. Because they shoot bullets from afar, I will definitely stay in the house tomorrow. I will not be caught on the golf course or in the malls, because that is where the bosses routinely play hooky. I am legitimizing my sick leave as I escape a day of anticipated misery. After all, it is my mental health day … or days, if more than one is necessary. I am thinking ahead. When I finally “hang up my hat”, my plan is to not leave any earned time on the table for my colleagues to take. They have stolen enough!
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