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PostHeaderIcon IN TOO DEEP

By Vernalee
Generally when we think of being in too deep, visually our minds quickly flash to water or a captivating hole (i.e. ditches, quicksand).
I know all about water having grown up in a small town graced by the shores of crystal clear Lake Washington.
As calming and relaxing as water is, the danger lies in the waves. In many cases, water is like relationships. Everything looks so tantalizing and inviting until you get up close. Both of the elements (water and relationships) are incredibly enticing. Once you step in, because of your urging desire to get your feet wet, you may find the water temperature to be unlike you thought. Suddenly, your once feeling of warmth becomes chilling.
Perceptions versus reality is a culture shock. Isn’t it?
Sounds familiar?
Ooo-wee. Excuse me. I hope that I am not describing your relationship!
Anyway, when you’re in too deep, you are met with the trepidation of feeling overwhelmed. In fact, so that we can be clear, being in too deep is “to be so involved in a situation or relationship that you are unable to stop.” The definition is extended to include “someone who is in over their head or too involved in a difficult situation.”
Switching gears slightly, please permit me to relate to you what I heard decades ago. That sage wisdom has slipped my mind from time to time.
Like most women, I have taken a dip and a deep dive prematurely before considering that there may be danger lurking within. What about the sharks, alligators, and other predators tucked underneath the surface with the magnetic forces to pull you under like a propelling whirlwind? Did I forget?
In fact, similar to my female scholarly counterparts with professional experiences and degrees to boot, how did it escape our memories that we couldn’t swim? It’s funny how a man can make you forget the blouse on your back! Hypnotic trances do occur from time to time.
Decades ago, I didn’t appreciate the advice from those old ladies in Mississippi who constantly meddled in our business. My girlfriends and I despised them. We were young, innocent, and thought we knew it all. I’m glad that I will never be like them, but now I surely do appreciate them.
I can hear them now.
Child don’t get too far out there in that water. The lake has sink holes. No matter what you do, keep your eyes on the shore. It is your place of refuge. Keep a paddle in your boat. You can use it to paddle your way back to the safety of land or to knock the daylights out of your attacker; whichever comes first! Yell S.O.S! Protect yourself at all times. Remember this. Don’t trust the person ever, ever again who set you afloat. They may use fire the next time!”
Now, I realize that they were providing warnings; remnants of their life experiences so that we didn’t fall into those same traps.
We sometimes forget how they acquired their wisdom. Those old ladies had been in the waters knee deep long before many of us were born. Some of them had to swim back to shore; others, had their boats capsized, but they made it in.
They may have been at the brinks whereby they questioned their survival. Suffice to say, they have been through it!
Yet, they survived to tell the story; to provide life lessons that can act as a protective shield since none of us are insulated from hurt.
It takes a toll of time to realize that “everything that glitters ain’t gold.” We may get scorched, but we will acquire the skill of assessment and eventually learn to walk away.
If we are smart, we will take heed before the creek rises!
Some storms provide no warning!
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By Vernalee
When we travel, we often carry a roadside emergency kit. We have battery cables, a flashlight, and other essential items. We may also carry a daily survival kit consisting of water, bandaids, tylenols, and other first aid items. If we get lost along the way, we can use our GPS navigational system. If we have mechanical problems, we can call roadside assistance.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that we need the same tools spiritually. We need a Spiritual Survival Kit. The items that we need are designed to be with us in our hearts, minds, and souls at all times. As you will see, we can carry them with us to sustain us wherever we are and wherever we go. A spiritual emergency kit might include at least five things:  1) a prayer, 2) a scripture verse or psalm, 3) a place, 4) a practice, and 5) a friend.
On the road, by the side of the road, and traveling on the road with us – is God. Thank you Lord for your never ending presence; for being there when we need you; for being there before we ask; and for providing the needs and desires of our hearts. Thank you Lord for being an “on time God;” readily available everyday of the week, 24 hours a day. God, we also thank you for equipping us with aids to help us make it through each day.
If we are not connected with you Lord or if we’re not grounded in your Word, then storms, crises, problems – can overtake us. 
Having these five items in our Spiritual Survival Kit helps.
1. “A Prayer is a good thing to have at hand.  Whether you memorize a prayer, make the Lord’s Prayer your own, or perhaps hold on to a special prayer —it’s good to know a prayer so that whenever you need it, it’s right there with you, inside of you.
2. A verse of Scripture works the same way.  No matter what comes, you can remind yourself of God’s assurance, God’s strength, and God’s care by repeating the scripture you’ve “heard, read, marked, learned, and inwardly made your own.
3. A place that is holy and grounding can be a life-saver.  When you feel like the world is spinning out of control, you simply go to your place and be still.  A holy place might be your room, your church, a chapel, a garden, or any special place. You can be walking, sitting, standing. The place really doesn’t matter as long as you have a designation where you can hit a spiritual “re-set” button.
4. A spiritual emergency kit would also include a practice of some kind – a practice you can do without thinking about it; something calming and routine that puts you back in your own spiritual zone.  It might be yoga, or meditation, or prayer. It might be riding a bike, or walking for twenty minutes.
5. Finally, a spiritual emergency kit would include contact information of a friend, or a clear cut way of reaching a friend.  That friend might be a family member; it may be a religious person, or it might not be, but it should be someone who you can tell the truth to, someone who will listen but not judge, and absorb what you’re saying. Such a friend will help get you through the roughest of rough places.”
A prayer, a scripture verse, a place, a practice, and a friend – all of these ingredients work together like a kit to keep us going. If all else fails, no matter what, we’ve got the Lord!
Happy Sunday! Blessings!
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PostHeaderIcon BEING TOUGH

By Vernalee
To survive in life and in business, one must be tough. It’s a prerequisite. You cannot give in and fall apart when pressure and tough decisions arrive at your door. Battle them out! Find your inner strength; be tough! Come up with an action plan. Defend your position! Set goals. As Shark Tanks businessman, Robert Herjavec says ” A goal without a timeline is simply a dream.” Reflecting back to my Mother’s words, “Hard times don’t last always. This too will pass” gives me strength. What great advice that will never go out of style! Aren’t Mothers wise? Short and simple advice is best and easy to remember. Here goes. To survive, you must be a tough cookie. If not, you’ll be eaten by the sharks (and I am not referring to the Shark Tank panelists).

PostHeaderIcon Between a rock and a hard place – What do you do?

By Vernalee
abe klein feld
Laid off, terminated, betrayed, pushed to the curve, loved and lost, heartbreak, … which situation describes a hardship that you experienced? If your hardship isn’t listed, undoubtedly you have been disappointed and hurt beyond belief somewhere in time! “Life is not a bed of roses.” Have you ever found yourself in such an uncomfortable position that you didn’t know which way to turn? Either path – the right or the left – were unappealing and unpleasant. To be in this position – between a rock and a hard place – is not desirable because you are stuck between two bad options! Maneuverability is tough. Rising above the difficulty is tougher. Regardless of your step, the wrong direction can be costly and painful. Oh my! Pessimism can easily cloud your vision. It is tough when your directional choices offer no viable options and little hope. Decisions, decisions; yet, you have to select – the best – of two undesirable outcomes. No one wants to choose “which poison to drink.” Thus, it is critical that you make a choice that will permit you to “breath” and survive. Gird your loins; keep trying; keep moving; stay positive. Your skin is tougher than you think. Positivity and an upbeat mental disposition can be your saving grace. Believe in yourself; believe that you can conquer your “enemy” and rise above the problem that is holding you down. Ultimately and hopefully, the bad wind will breeze over. When your strength and endurance are tested – prayer, faith, strength, courage, and hard work can uplift you. As the southern saying goes, “Hard times don’t last forever. Daylight comes in the morning.” Tomorrow is a new day! It can bring a fresh start; a new beginning … whereby the pain of your past becomes only a memory!
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