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PostHeaderIcon For those who gossip …

By Vernalee
To those gossipers … I am so sorry! Please know that you are not the center of my world! I try to make sensible use of my time! Talking about you is not one of them. Time is too precious to be wasted!
I am not suggesting that you are a waste of time…but I cannot afford for you to occupy valuable space in my mind! In fact, I have wasted five minutes already telling you that very fact!
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PostHeaderIcon You and your mouth!

By Vernalee
I have frequently heard my great nieces and nephews say to a third party, “This is an A / B conversation, no C’s allowed.” Translated, that quote essentially means, “Mind your business!” After all, the joining talker wasn’t invited to the conversational “party.” Wouldn’t it be simpler, easier, and less work, if we stayed out of other folks’ affairs? By doing so, it would provide us with a timeless opportunity to improve our inadequacies rather than get involved with others’ issues. Just think how much better we would be and how much extra time we would have to concentrate on whatever suits our fancy! As comedian Flip Wilson once said, “Loose lips sink ships!” Indeed, they do; so stay afloat by stop being so nosey!
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