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By Vernalee
information technology
Yes, technology particularly via my cell phone and other gadgets has eliminated selected facets of my memory.
I confess!
I came to the realization of this very fact recently.
My late Mother in her 90’s could rattle off dates, addresses, and phone numbers from her head.
Impressive, I’ll say!
I cannot do that any more.
Holy cow!
How did it happen? How did I lose my sense of recollection?
Let’s see!
I figured it out!
My wise and brilliant Mother relied on her mind to provide the answers.
I rely on technology!

I rely on retrieval of numbers, addresses, and other pertinent information that have been stored in my cell phone and other apparatuses.
You see, I convinced myself years ago that I would only use my mind when necessary. Why carry around information in my head when I can pull it up on the computer?
And just like everything else when you don’t use it, rust consumes it!
Now, unfortunately, I don’t know any of the simple stuff!
Technically in a figurative mode, I pushed the delete key.
It is no wonder that the Internet has become the brain’s “external hard drive.” Amazing!
I didn’t realize the severity of my lapse of memory and my dependency on technology until I observed my Mother’s computer mind. She could run circles around most of us youngsters without showing off!
Which brings me to these questions.
Would I be lost without my Ipad and cell phone?
Do I need to be retrained?
For certainty, I have become spoiled and incessantly reliant upon technology.
What about you?
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PostHeaderIcon The Post it note

By Vernalee
iphone-text-245x400 One of the memorable episodes on Sex and the City is when Jack Berger, a fellow writer broke up with Carrie on a post it note. He did not have the courage or nerves to tell her face to face.

None of her girlfriends believed that a person would be so cowardly until they saw the note themselves. How tragically devastating this form of breakup was!

Now, a new version of pusillanimous conduct is on the horizon. A person can say via text messaging or emailing what he / she is not man (or woman) enough to say in person. Everybody does it; even bosses! Sure, I know that there are legitimate reasons to say things technologically. It’s convenient, fast, efficient, financially feasible, timely, and expedient.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe in its uses. I use my iPhone and iPad religiously. I am codependent upon these devices. I just have problems with people who cannot stand behind their words or actions; people who use technology as a cowardly shield. Thus, it is not the technology; it’s the lily-livered person that I defy. They are dangerously sneaky and spineless punks. No worries. That is their problem; not mine. Maybe, I will reveal what I think about them with a text message or on a sticky note!

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