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PostHeaderIcon The bigger they are, the harder they fall!

By Vernalee
After a hiatus for a few days, I’m back! After returning and much to my chagrin, one of the first persons that I encountered was an arrogant “uppity” individual whose head was in the clouds! Though he probably believes otherwise, that elitist attitude will get him nowhere. Sadly, he thinks that he can do whatever he pleases. No rules apply to him … not even the laws of the land! Wait a minute! Am I processing this right? Does he think that he is better than anyone else? Unbelievable! Some of us are defined by who we are and not what we have! Hear, hear! He intimidates many by his presence. I hope that all of his money and possessions don’t slip out of his hands. If that happens, guess what? He will be just like us! Remember us! We are the people that he walks by everyday as he never utters a mumbling word! Are you kidding me? Speaking to regular folks is out of the ordinary! We are the people that he regards as beneath him. He will discover that we are the genuine people who have always been grounded. Strangely, he is looking at us eyeball to eyeball because he has descended from his vainglory and is at our level! How does it feel down here with us Mr. Big Stuff? You don’t have to answer. You will see that we will never do to you what you did to us! We have something that you never possessed …Class!
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