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By Vernalee
First Sunday this month brought more than communion. At the invitation of Dr. Hardwick, pastor of Praises of Zion Baptist Church, a predominantly Black congregation in South Los Angeles, NBA owner Donald Sterling attended a two hour church service there. Reports have it that some members were offended by his appearance; others felt that if he was seeking forgiveness, church was the best place to be.
Now, before you speak, let us first remember that no one can read a person’s heart but God. Secondly, sins and missteps can be forgiven if you approach God with sincerity. Repentance is a foundational tenet of faith.

Understand this, I have been a critic of Sterling and believe that his comments and actions were racist, despicable, and hypocritical. I also know that the power of The Lord can change people. As for Mr. Sterling, I will not touch this one. It’s a matter between him and God and God is not one to be mocked!
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