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By Vernalee
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Stop playing games.
It’s time to face the truth.
What do you really want?
Do you want a person to be honest or shade the truth?
We admittedly can’t stand liars.
So if it is not the truth; it’s a lie.
There really isn’t the in between state of gray, although we concoct that middle shade.
Sometimes, the truth has a sting of hurt. Sometimes, we exaggerate the truth to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
In the long run, the consequences, and accompanying benefits resulting from the truth are far greater than those coming from lies.
When the truth is told, you don’t have to manage lies.
When American Idol was at its height in popularity, the legendary Simon Cowell would provide the artists with an honest assessment of their talents. Cowell has a no-nonsense, often abrasive style when providing his editorials. People booed, but tuned in every week largely in part because of him. Could he have been kinder?
Though his words/advice may have lacked diplomacy, without question, Simon is a successful music producer to countless stars. His truthfulness has translated to greatness for many of his clients.
Regardless, no one raises their hands to be insulted, but honesty goes a long way.
The truth is the truth.
Hearing the truth – in a kind fashion – is priceless; it’s easier to penetrate the eardrums.
It beats hearing untruths that ultimately prohibit your growth. Your deficiencies cannot be corrected if you are unaware of what they are. What you want to hear may be kinder on the ears, but a hindrance to self improvement.
It is about the truth. It is not what Simon says; it is about you; it is about what you do to improve yourself.
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By Vernalee
It may have been selectively hidden, but the truth will eventually surface particularly if someone lifts the covers. It comes to life through words and actions.
People speak truth, “shade” the truth, or lie! Either it’s a lie or the truth. There are no alternatives.
When some folks start talking, you can’t shut them up! They are like running water indiscriminately telling stuff; some of which they promised not to tell. Oops! Somebody’s secrets are out!
It’s like they took a truth serum. It’s easy to talk about other folks business. Telling their own, well that’s a different subject! Flip Wilson comedicly said, “Loose lips sink ships!”
The old folks, (whom as children, we felt knew nothing) would warn, “Child, eventually, your lies will run out if they don’t catch up with you first!” How profound!
Keep this in mind: The words didn’t lie; you did!
Your words and subsequent actions (particularly when they differ) brought your lies to life!
Check this out.
When lies continue, the truth cannot be found.
Here’s the upside … The truth will eventually come to life; it will walk in!
What do you have to say now?
Read my lips … The truth will find you out!
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By Vernalee
Liar liar -
In one of our recent conversations, my friend said, “My Daddy told me that you can lock up a thief, but you can’t lock up a liar.” A profound observation if I must say so myself! We can substantially count numerous liars that we interact with or have known. Some of the poetic liars claim that they “do not lie, they merely shade the truth.” Ouch …that cliché hurts as much as their lies do!
I always advised my kids, “Tell the truth so you will not have to manage lies.” If only I could invent a serum that would prevent lies, I would be rich; filthy rich! Until then, maybe I will chant the childhood slogan, “Liar, liar, pants on fire!” Oh my, look at all the scorched pants!
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