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PostHeaderIcon A ghost … he has become

By Vernalee

When the mere thoughts of someone send shock waves through your body, is it time to leave? When there are continuous violations of promised commitment, how can you trust someone who doesn’t keep their word?

When you care not to know someone anymore, they become a ghost, a foreigner blocked out of your memory banks. Do you discontinue associations? Cutting your lost sooner rather than later is smart if you can emotionally detach.

If this person is your man and because of previous hurt, you see not his image anymore, but a mere blurb, he has become an invisible man.

If you can look straight through him as if he was transparent, this is a major problem. During your happier days, the two of you wanted a “transparent” relationship which you could never accomplish. Now, you have it! But now, he is no more in your life, he is a ghost and his name isn’t Casper!

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