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By Vernalee
On “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” the original Aunt Vivian was played by Janet Hubert- Whitten. She was replaced by Daphne Reid for the last three seasons of the series. The actresses changed; the show continued! In fact, it became more popular! It’s no different in life. Let me show you what I mean. Recently, a colleague was asked, “How are things at work since the menacing chief left?” There was a noticeable time consuming pause. What a thought provoking question? Reflecting, it was soon realized that though the troublemaker had departed, he was only a pun; the arrogant instrument who had become the team spokesman; their mouthpiece. In other words, he carried the ball for the management team, but he didn’t call the plays. He of course in that role, was given freestyle to intermix his personal flavor of distasteful actions. No denying, he was indeed a workplace bully. Although the toxicity of the atmosphere was static; one that his unethical behavior harmoniously fitted, he was by no means the exclusive problem; he was a mere piece in the puzzle. Organizational behaviorist classify workplace cultures of this type as “tainted.” We laymen translate that classification to street language, namely “The pot can’t talk about the kettle.” They both get heat from the same fire. Conclusively, it is the same stage different actors. Though the “Fresh Prince” had years of a successful run, the show eventually taped its last televised episode … and so will this “show” if the current dysfunction remains unchanged! Where’s Aunt Viv today? Where’s the management team’s bully? Who knows? They were never the headline stars. Despite her changing roles, Aunt Viv’s Will Smith became a superstar! The show’s popularity continues in syndication. Hopefully, the Will Smith model will take place in this real life scenario. Never rule out a turnaround. No one wants a “Concussion!”
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