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PostHeaderIcon Extra hours; no compensation; added protection!

By Vernalee
Jane Doe works at least 12 extra hours every month for which she receives no compensation. Why? That time is needed for supporting documentation. She has learned in her interactions with her supervisor that if it is not in writing, it didn’t happen. Since her supervisor, Sally Do Right, is a known pathological liar, her given task assignments / instructions are just as volatile as the invisible wind. Although Jane may not see her undermine her character, the effects of her ill reputed supervisory tactics are clearly conspicuous. In addition to lying about what she instructed you to do, Sally invents tasks that she never assigned. Since rumor has it that Sally and the boss are having an affair, she gets away with highway robbery. So Jane Doe’s extra hours are called, “Cover your behind” time since she has to document what Sally allegedly said or instructed. Since Sally lunches every day and parties every weekend with the big Boss Man, Jane has no choice. In fact, none of Sally Do Right’s subordinates do! It’s their word against lying Sally’s! That’s why … all is reduced to writing! It’s called evidence!
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