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PostHeaderIcon The Oscars 2015

By Vernalee
To those who know me, all know that watching award shows is “my thing!” I have grandiose visions of accepting one of those statutes one day…perhaps for one of my books being adapted into a movie. Wishful thinking! I am a dreamer! Realities start there! Anyway, I took the liberty of critiquing the Oscars 2015! No one asked me too; I am self appointed. Without coverage of the winners, the slights, and critiques of the movies and gowns, unequivocally the highlight of the show was Common’s and John Legend’s performance of “Glory!” Receiving a standing ovation, their performance brought “the house down” as it brought tears to many eyes in the audience. Lady Gaga, came out of left field as she always does, and surprised me with her extraordinary vocals! She sang just as classically as Julie Andrews in “The Sound of Music.” Though Joan Rivers was excluded (How dare Them!) in the memoriam segment, Jennifer Hudson was in rare form in her moving tribute! Her voice is exquisite, powerful, and one of the best! Was this a replacement show for the recently boring Grammies? Finally, my critique of Neil Patrick Harris, as host, is being delivered directly to the Academy Headquarters! As I conclude, do know that my coverage wasn’t live from the Red Carpet … maybe one day! There you have it!
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