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PostHeaderIcon Be nicely dressed on all occasions or you might get caught off guard

By Vernalee

Alright ladies…you do not have to wear your Sunday’s finest every time you walk out your door, but it is advisable to be presentable. Your attire could be a nice pair of jeans, a casual top, and tennis shoes. A suitable look is the goal. My Mother always taught us to never wear hair rollers anywhere but in the house. Wearing clean underwear with no holes was another one of her pet peeves. (Of course, no one would be able to see underneath, but I had to comply with my Momma’s wishes).

It never fails that when we are lackadaisical with our appearance, we invariably will see someone that we did not want to see us. We get caught not looking our best. It happens when you least expect.

To demonstrate what I mean, let me play back a scene that just occurred with one of my girlfriends. Traveling with her parents, she walked into a downtown Marriott Hotel. Haven driven several hundred miles that day, they were resting there for the night before continuing their trip. In she walks into the lobby. Tired, no makeup, sporting an old jogging suit and a baseball cap (since she had not combed her hair), she was looking pretty rugged. Expecting to quickly check in, lay her weary body down, and get some much needed “shut eye,” instead she looked eyeball to eyeball in the face of a guy that she had been dreaming about. Coincidentally, he was freelancing that weekend at the hotel doing private duty work. The two of them had met a few months earlier. She was mesmerized by his handsomeness and his muscular body. He was a Laz Alonzo and a Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) type of man all wrapped up in one. What a combination; what a man! He is exactly the man that you don’t want in your visible range when you are inappropriately dressed or looking your worst.

She had been talking about this guy since they first met. They had casually chatted a few times in the interim with subtle hints of getting together. Out of all the people in the world that she could have run into, why him; today of all days!

Surprised to see him, her appearance by her own admission was definitely repugnant. If she could have done so, she would have dashed into the hallway and hid, but it was too late. She couldn’t escape or ignore him; he had already spotted her. They exchanged pleasantries. It was the ideal conversation paired with the wrong circumstance. After dragging herself upstairs with a humiliated mindset, she called me in tears. “I almost passed out when I saw him. This is unbelievable. Why do we see those men that we want to look our best for on days that we are dressed our worst?” were her expressed thoughts. Southern folks always said, “Don’t get caught with your pants down.” That saying was much too late for my girlfriend. The damage had been done. Of course, she would have rather appeared like the glamorous Cinderella at the ball; not the scruffy Cinderella as the clock was chiming at midnight. Though she was not dressed in tattered apparel, she had a Raggedy Ann appearance.

I tried to console and reassure her to little results. “Anyone can be caught off guard. It may not be as bad as you think,” was my two cents for what it was worth. Of course, my words were of minimal consolation. The question remains if her desired beau saw her physical striking beauty hidden underneath her clothing. Maybe, he also caught a glimpse of her beautiful personality! If he shows up at her door with a glass slipper, we will know that he recognized her internal wealth and discounted her appearance as an “off day.” Let’s hope that he rings her doorbell!

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PostHeaderIcon Weight and see / My changing wardrobe

By Vernalee

I didn’t have to be told that I primarily wore black, gray, navy, and burgundy; with black being the predominant color. Conservative colors for a conservative woman! Black is very slenderizing and that was my goal… exactly. I wanted to look at least 10 pounds smaller.

My styles of choice were selections that covered up what I didn’t want to see. It stands to reason that I did not want others to see what I did not want to view myself. I was a cover girl. I’m sorry. I misspoke; a cover-up girl more accurately described my wardrobe choices. If I found a flattering style, I purchased tons of the same selections. I can wear something out easily. There…you have it!

My fashionista daughter said, “Mommy, wear more vibrant colors.” When that line grew old, she garnished it up with flair by saying, “Embrace your body, and accentuate your curves.” Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to do that. I was a cover-up expert. I covered up bulges, weight gain, and unsightly body configurations. Remember? Wardrobe accentuation was not my strong suit.

I occasionally asked my fashion less conscious son. I heard the expected diplomatic response. “Mommy you look great; in fact – stunning.” Did I expect anything different? Of course, he is always brutally honest!

Admittedly, it’s hard to break habits. I needed help. Getting in shape was a priority. What a novel idea! Thank you Jennifer Hudson and my precious children for helping me to think! On the bright side, I am eating better, exercising more; I am enhancing my wardrobe slowly, but surely. I am wearing lively colors even if it is a splash with scarves and accessories. I am getting there! Just call me work in progress. Hopefully, I will make noticeable improvements toward becoming a better and svelte image. We will “weight and see!”

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