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By Vernalee
born rich
The richest people in the world are not always in castles or palatial estates. They may be everyday people who have big hearts; people who are willing to give you the shirts off their backs; people who may not be high on the occupational totem poles, but whose desire for you to be successful and achieve phenomenal success touches the stratus clouds. I know them all too well! I just saw a few of them walking the poverty stricken streets in Glen Allan, Mississippi. These good people are not just confined there; they are scattered throughout the country. Their rare find qualities make them mystical millionaires because they graciously share what has been given to them. In fact, they are no different than the poor widow who Jesus met. She put in her last two cooper coins; all that she had. She did not give out of her surplus; rather out of her poverty. She is my “kind of girl.”
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