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PostHeaderIcon GOOD COP; BAD COP

By Vernalee
The “good cop bad cop” phrase references a commonly used interrogation technique in which one cop appears to side with a criminal and another remains firm and uncompromising. The concept extends to other social settings where two people (who are actually not cops) use a similar ploy that plays upon your emotional psyche for devious purposes and defined results. The goal is to position your thinking into a belief that of the two, one of them is empathetically compassionate toward your predicament and is on your side. It’s a game of influence designed against you to achieve their objective. So if you fall for the trick and become prey to the cop that you perceive to be “good,” just remember that unbeknownst to you, you are feeding information to the bad cop as well. Basically, who you perceived to be “good” is really not! Their chameleonic ploy made you putty in both of their hands. In other words, you have been “had,” bamboozled, and “played!” If you think that you have never been victimized, think again; think hard; think back! Managers frequently and effectively use this technique to obtain desired results. Behind your back, they secretly “gang up” on you with the purpose of conditioning your thoughts, swaying your opinions, and convincing you to do or not do certain actions. Sadly, the good manager (good cop) is usually someone that you thought that you could trust! Hopefully, he or she wasn’t a person that you regarded as a friend. Ouch! They achieved their results; you were left “hanging” in the sling! Betrayals can be devastating. You may not see them coming, but if and when they arrive – they stink and hurt!
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