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By Vernalee

mid adult couple holding hands and praying

adult couple holding hands and praying

Now that you have defined yourself as a couple, what’s next.
Your couple closeness should begin with spiritual intimacy.
Worshiping together is a great beginning step. It is also a reminder and an invitation to make God the center of your relationship; the stronghold within your storms.
It’s further recognition of the fact that God will help us through anything and everything.
Keep God first!
Take a moment when you get into your church service to quiet yourself in God’s presence. Take a deep breath.
Then when it is time to worship, hold hands. Let each other know that you are there to support the other. Show and enjoy closeness while worshipping and learning about our amazing God!
Coming together in prayer, reading the Bible together, and worshipping together are key components of a couple’s spiritual intimacy.
Let’s see how we can get even closer.
1. Have a prayer to invite God’s presence before the Bible is opened for worship.
2. Read through a devotional book together.
3. Start worship by telling each other the good things that happened to you during the day or what your blessings were.
4. Set a specific time for worship.
5. Write appreciation notes to each other. Read what the Bible says on the topic of “love”.
6. Invite another couple to have worship with you.
7. Thank God for answered prayer before the prayer is answered.
8. Pray out loud for each other after each identifies his/her needs.
9. Prepare a “Thankful List.”
10. Hold hands and face each other when you pray.
11. Ask for forgiveness for specific mistakes.
12. Have a telephone worship when apart from each other.
13. Have your favorite scripture; memorize it; encourage one another with words from God.
14. Have your favorite hymn. Sing it; play it; let the sounds uplift you.
15. Discuss how to improve certain character traits. Read what the Scriptures say about them.
There are so many varied forms of spiritual intimacy; too many to elaborate.
Do what works for you as a couple to stay grounded in the Word. There is strength in numbers. Sharing in worship helps you to tackle and solve your problems. It brings you closer to each other and closer to God.
Your foundational anchor in our merciful God will always be your saving grace.
Happy Sunday!
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By Vernalee
We know that the Bible tells us to not forsake the gathering of ourselves. That we should do! Sometimes, for a number of circumstances or misfortunes, we cannot make it to the church house. So let’s bring church to those who are in the hospital rooms or whose legs won’t carry them. Technology can transport you anywhere – instantly. Last Sunday, as I sat by my Mother’s hospital bed, I took her to church using my iPad. We listened to sermons and her favorite gospel songs. Mother even asked me to play a song or two by my favorite, Aretha Franklin. With Aretha singing “Precious Lord,” Mahalia Jackson singing “Troubles of the World,” and The Williams Brothers singing “Cooling Waters,” it was as if she and I were visually worshipping in Glen Allan, Mississippi. I invite you to travel with us this Sunday! You will see a number of churches along the way.
As we travel, allow me to share with you some history. Our churches have not only been the foundation of our spirituality, they have served as the building blocks of our freedom. From the days of slavery, our church was the only place where we could be free; the only place where we could lift our voices without fear. Our churches, many worn, some in disrepair have seen a lot. They have served as school houses; some served as Head Start centers; some were meeting places to plan civil rights strategies; some were burned down to the ground by the vigilante KKK. But no matter what role they have served, we as a people refused to let the only thing that we owned be taken away from us. Continued has been our worshipping chants whose sounds of voice and praise traveled inside out from the wood burning chimneys to the dirt covered streets. Nothing beats the sounds of the chanting rhythmic preachers like Glen Allan’s own Rev. Dorsey or the singing pastors like Rev. Addison or Rev. Gibbs whose voice are so rich that they could sing acapella to the pleasurable delight of their worshippers. When the swaying choir sings “There will be a brighter day ahead” with pianists like Mary Davis, Minnie Boxdale, or Darryl Kingdom tinkling the piano keys that need tuning but their playing is so aficionado that you notice not the difference; instead, your soul is filled with the Holy Ghost! Let me not forget those praying deacons like Ed Duffin and Clifton Lewis.
So as I played gospels on You Tube, my Mother reminiscenced about service at her church, Stranger’s Home. Amazingly, she was somewhat placed there emotionally. It was just a typical Sunday service where the Mothers of the church dressed in pure snow white encouraged you and held your hand; where the members prayed with you and for you; where all of God’s children are free to worship the Lord! Oh what a mighty God we serve! Let the church say amen!
Happy Sunday! Blessings!
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