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By Vernalee
image Before and after photos of Joni Edelman.

Does weight determine who you are and how you feel about yourself? In her recent Today Show appearance discussing her essay that recently went viral, Joni Edelman said, “Happiness does not require thinness and fatness does not presume sadness.” Struggling with weight is not a new subject. Feeling comfortable in your skin is the important thing. Good Health is key! Thin machine skinnies with perfect metabolism may cannot necessarily relate to weight struggles, but they can be motivational. I have noticed that my model fit daughter only eats when she is hungry. Isn’t that they way it should be? Eating because it is meal time is driven by habit. Age, laziness, slower metabolism, lifestyle, little or no exercise, poor meal selections …. add to the struggle. Weight does not define you, but it is paramount to good health and a struggle for many! Temptations abound! So …. Put that hot fudge ice cream sundae with nuts, caramel, and whip cream down! You need not count the calories; just don’t eat it! I am talking to you … and me too!
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