By Vernalee
walk the talk

My girlfriends and I were talking yesterday about people “saying one thing and doing another.” The expression, “Talk is cheap” —-has never been truer. Our conversations reflected a recent incident involving a man, of course.

This guy was repetitively texting his lady who was out of town caring for an ill family member. His text message read, “Let me know if you need anything.” When she shared it with us, we burst into laughter! Why? Unanimously, we knew from his prior conduct that it was idle chatter. His cheapskate demeanor has always – kept his cash in his pockets! Why would this be any different? As the “proof is the pudding” so has his assistance to his lady been – zilch. “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing!” This guy is a professional at looking the other way! She and we knew that! It begs to ask – Why do people say things that sound good that they know that they aren’t going to do? Better yet, why do the listeners allow the falsies to continue?

Real men do and not ask! Real women challenge them on their pettiness and storytelling! Conclusively, both parties are irresponsible when one makes a claim that he has no intention of doing and the other lets him get away with it!
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