By Vernalee
Talk Too MuchOur mouths frequently get us in trouble. I remember the old folks in Mississippi saying, “Watch your mouth! That little tongue of yours can get you in big trouble!” Indeed, we have to be conscientious of not only our speech, but knowing what to say and what not to say in front of whom. Knowing when and where to speak is also critical. Some things don’t even dignify a response!The maturity of our minds and hearts will hopefully assist in the taming of our tongue.
As basketball great, Bill Walton once said, “Once the ball is up in the air, we cannot redirect its course.”
Likewise, once our words are out and heard, we cannot reissue them. So, let your conscience be your guide on what to say.
If a mistake in judgment is made, apologize! Whatever you want for yourself is what you should give to others!
Talk less; listen more!
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