By Vernalee
Halle Berry 3

As Mothers, it is our job to protect our off springs. It’s only natural. Let’s take a look at our animal counterparts. Female lions are ferocious if intruders enter their den. Animals clearly mark their territories and draw territorial lines to eliminate doubt or confusion. If you are on the wrong side of the fence, you may be attacked without notice.

Thus, when invaders enter our private zones, like animals, our first response is to annihilate the enemy forces. Halle’s maternal instincts kicked in and her antennas went up when intruders came inside of her space. Deemed enemy forces, the paparazzi was inside her borders. Fearing that her daughter was in danger, she did the logical thing. She sought to eliminate their presence; she fought back.

When the uninvited guest got too close to Nahla, the battle lines were drawn and Mother Halle came out swinging with a Muhammad Ali jab. Go Halle!

I admire Halle for her boldness, her attitude, and her fight.
She did what any loving Mother would do. It stands to reason, “If you know what’s good for you, don’t mess with our babies and do respect their innocence! If you fail that test, you may find yourself in the boxing ring with us.

Halle, though I am not a celebrity (at least not by theatrical standards), I have been there! I have had to fight to restore dignity and respect for my children. I never had to use “the rope a dope” technique so famously utilized by Muhammad Ali, but I have demonstrated my “knock you out cold” emotional punches when invasions occurred on my babies’ sacred grounds. That was years ago, but have no fear, I will do it today if necessary. It is not off limits!

Great Job Halle! Protect who you love. Protect your baby! Your recent testimony before Congress and California lawmakers further demonstrates your zero tolerance as it relates to paparazzi harassment and stalking.

People must understand one important point about how we as Mommies come to the battlefield. Our armor is built in our souls. You can’t psyche us out. Our strength is overbearing. Like the Energizer Bunny, we are charged to full capacity.
Trust me. You do not want Mothers as opponents or sparring partners. We do not fight fair!
Just ask the paparazzi who encountered Halle on that sunny day in May 2012!

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