By Vernalee
If I asked you to name someone who gets on your nerves, whose name rolls off your tongue instantly. When that person enters your space, he / she bring chaos, confusion, and upheavals. For some of them, they are so “messy” that it is natural. Their mess is engrained so deep into their personalities that it doesn’t cause them to blink an eye. Their disruptive conduct is standard operating procedures because they are never ever wrong!

Besides, they don’t care how you feel; only their feelings count. Somehow, we manage to keep asking ourselves, why do they do or say heartbreaking things? They are carefree pest! Ignore their ignorance! Stop the madness! Get you some sleep. Remember, the annoyers can sleep like babies because they are as “happy as a lark.” Eventually, just like me, you will get the point once you realize that no one’s feelings are hurt or “nerves are shot”, but yours!
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