By Vernalee
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Have you ever dealt with a person who is a “know it all?” You can’t tell him / her anything. They are Einstein experts at everything. Holding hands with their exaggerated sense of knowledge is the visually obvious companion trait of being pompous with an inflated ego that extends miles beyond reason. It’s amazing when people have all the answers alongside the questions too! Egotistical nuts, they are; encyclopedic smart, they are not! Because of their arrogance, you and everyone with common sense navigate away from their presence. They don’t notice this avoidance gravitation because they are too busy thinking about them and the impressions that they will make on others. If only they knew! Their self-importance has elevated them so high that they actually believe that they are superbly better than most people. Sadly, when reality sets in, this conclusion is realized: They never knew that they didn’t know! When people tried to tell them this over the years, they didn’t listen! They knew it all too arrogantly well!