By Vernalee
yum sugar
Growing up, my children acted as if they couldn’t survive without a morning bacon sandwich to get their day started.
They would even place “to go” orders!
The nerve of them!
Nevertheless, I obeyed!
I was the “Queen chef of bacon sandwiches.”
Here’s my secret recipe.
I toasted the bread, applied grape jelly, scrambled the eggs with cheese, and added layers of crispy bacon.
“Mommy, these sandwiches are – Yummy to our tummy and finger licking good.” Children will say anything for a meal and servitude; won’t they!
When we look back, we parents realize how our children had us in the palm of their hands.
Most parents can tell a story or two as to how they were a sucker.
Interesting, last week, my darling son made me a BLT sandwich.
It had bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, and a few more of his secret ingredients.
It was extremely tasty; delectable! Maybe, my cooking wasn’t in vain; maybe my children learned a few things! His bacon sandwich was so good that it “would make you want to slap your Mother!”
Of course, that is a Southern expression for good cooking. In real life, if you knew my Mother she could “put the fear of God in you” so much so that you would be too afraid to even contemplate the thought; let alone utter the words ….even in silence!
Now, let me see what my wonderful daughter has cooking!
I may have another free meal.
Hers is a surprise!
I’ll report on it later.
As you think of a dish that was special to you back in the day, you may be surprised if and when a loved one prepares that meal for you.
It will be thoughtful, tasty, as well as marvelous!
Bon appetit!
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