By Vernalee
There is a local candidate running for top office. He is passing out campaign literature throughout the office complex using smart-alecky tactics. He has thrown his hat in the ringer for the firm’s “BIG CHEESE” post. The position comes with a lot of fringe benefits and perks. For example, he can unfairly order people around; secretively steal their ideas and present them as his; maliciously belittle folks; cosmetically look “Donald Trump” busy, threaten you and say “you are fired” all within the listening ears of the “hands off / let him do as he pleases” boss! He is a pro at disciplining you via emails (while copying everyone who has a company email address) for offenses you know nothing about; another example of his executive control / privilege. Because he is so out of control, the office team is anxiously waiting on the legal challenges – discrimination, retaliation, and harassment charges – to come flying through the door! Yes, the “Big Cheese” showcases his varieties by spicing up the outcomes – no different than a side of provolone, American, or blue cheese on a sandwich. What he doesn’t realize is that the workers see him as a piece of Swiss cheese. Oh yes, he has holes running deep inside his spirit and it externally shows! Stop the madness! Don’t poke holes into the man’s character. He has nicely perforated himself; all by himself! He is just a well done, over – cooked cheeseburger that nobody wants!
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