By Vernalee
Remember the Big Cheese?
He has been featured before.
Many of you have met him or experienced the ramifications of his actions.
Although he is graphically pictured as a male, the Big Cheese can also be a female. Equal rights; remember!
He/she is that person who gives orders, takes names, shifts their weight, frightens you with the tactics used, provides threatening remarks, talks negatively to you and about you, and is chummy with the boss. On occasion, he can even order the boss around or tell the boss what he will or will not do. Whose subservient to who? Go figure!
If the Big Cheese does wrong, punishment does not come his way. Perhaps, he/she is exempted from harassing employees and retaliatory actions.
Everyone defers to him/her; some even are fearful. Yes, the Big Cheese can make some rock in their boots and he knows it!
Remember, he is the boss’ unofficial chief of staff; has a job title but does no substantial work; and has unbelievable influence and power.
Some have tried to determine if he is Swiss, Provolone, or American cheese.
It really doesn’t matter! The boss lets his flavor run rampant as the workplace bully.
I am lactose intolerant so cheese is not on my menu.