By Vernalee
Some folks need to stop playing games! Sure, they may be experts at fooling some people some of the time, but no one can be fooled all of the time. They may have even elevated their skills to become great pretenders and master manipulators. False impressions are their sweet spot. Sooner or later, they will be found out! Their games and lies will catch up with them. One day, they will eventually be exposed along with all that they were hiding only to find out that many folks didn’t care what games they played or what they hid or revealed. When the light shines directly on them, they may have even fooled themselves into thinking that the people that they thought they fooled actually were not fooled at all! The word “fool” is used to much in this article and in life… which is a true indicator as to why this foolishness should be stopped! When the great pretenders discover that their audience was “on to them and their games,” and let them continue their game playing because stopping them wasn’t worth the time or efforts, the questions becomes – who was really the fool? While the players were playing games, games were being played on them! Uh huh!
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