By Vernalee
A sidekick is defined as a “close companion who is generally regarded as subordinate to the one he accompanies. Some well-known fictional sidekicks are Doctor Watson (of Sherlock Holmes), Tonto (of The Lone Ranger), Robin (of Batman), and Ethel Mertz (of Lucy Ricardo).” “I love Lucy.” Don’t you?
Anyway, did I mention that some bosses have sidekicks; particularly those who cannot make executive decisions?
Who is smarter; the boss or the sidekick? Who gives the orders? Who is in charge? Let’s see!
Batman was the “man.” Sherlock solved the crimes! Though Ed McMahon said “Here’s Johnny,” it was The Tonight Show’s late night host Johnny Carson who was the star!
What happens when the sidekick usurps the boss’ authority that the boss willingly surrenders because he doesn’t want his job? “Holy Switch A Roo,” as Batman’s Robin would say. Will the incompetent sidekick’s decisions ultimately kick the boss in his behind? “Pow!” Stay tuned to watch corporate dysfunction at its best?
The cameras are rolling! Let’s see who steals the show. Although it may seem like a comic strip, the Peanut characters and their many sidekicks were smart and on top of their game! “Where’s Snoopy?” He’ll make sense of this! The boss sure can’t!