By Vernalee
Fable Icons
Are you familiar with Aesop’s Fable, “The boy who cried wolf?” I am a great storyteller, so let me give you a snapshot. Essentially, the boy gave so many false alarms that when danger did appear, no one believed him! Sounds familiar? You, like most, probably know a few people who fit that category. We sometimes say, They are “talking out of both sides of their mouth.” Of course, unequivocally, the boy can be a girl too! Liars are genderless. It’s amazing how lies can travel at the speed of light. They destroy what is in their path just like a hurricane. Truthfulness is a great virtue. I love the truth; don’t you? It is so easy to manage. Once you start lying, you have to manage the lies and remember who you said what to? That’s too much work! Truth be told, it is mentally exhausting just thinking about it! They say that the truth will set you free! That consequence is better than being attacked because the person who shouted the alarm had convincingly lied so many times before. Melodramatically speaking, the consequences of truth vis a vis lies may do more than set you free, it may save your life!
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