By Vernalee
The check is in the mail. How many times have you heard that! Countless times, I am sure! Waiting to be paid is not a pleasant experience. In fact, it causes anxiety and serious cash flow issues. Many folks admire and desire entrepreneurism. Being self-employed is a great thing! The benefits are bountiful! Flexible hours, working from home, limited involvement with people particularly those who are troublesome… are some of the perks. The down side is often prompt payment. Late payments present difficulties. When clients tell you that the check is in the mail, beware! It is usually an excuse or a stalling tactic. When your services are professionally and promptly delivered, postponement of payment is very disappointing. Why can’t folks figure out that you need your money just like they need theirs? If they did, their check to you would be in your hands and deposited into your account! There would be no need for the mailman to deliver a check that purportedly he doesn’t have in the first place!
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