By Vernalee
So many debates have taken place over the confederate flag that they are too numerous to count. As they fly high on the flag poles in multiple states, they create as much controversy as the wind that causes them to circulate. South Carolina is not alone! The confederate flag can be seen on poles in states including Georgia and Mississippi. In fact, my native Mississippi took it a step further and formed a confederate mascot called Colonel Reb. Shame on you Mississippi! The mascot has since retired its appearances at “Ole Miss” games. Thank goodness for that! Regarded as a civil war relic and a banner for White supremacy, the confederate flag is once again dividing the people of this country along racial lines that the Civil War sought to unite. Currently, there are are nine states that offer vanity confederate license plates. Dylann Roof took a photo by his South Carolina confederate license plate prior to his recent killing of nine innocent people praying in a Charleston church.
Today: 2015 – almost two hundred years after the war, this country is still racially divided as some hold on to the detriments of the past that should be let go. As long as that happens, racial bigotry will be flying high whether it is on a flag pole or in our lives!
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