By Vernalee
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Monday morning quarterbacks are the persons who criticize and provide commentaries on how and what they would have done differently from you … after the fact. I am sure that you know a few! Hindsight gives you 20 / 20 vision. Then, you can look back and see everything that went wrong and what you would do contrariwise the second time around. That’s great from an analytical point of view! However, one should never underestimate the people who are involved in the process when decisions have to made right then and there. For them, there is no looking backwards; there is no retracing steps. It’s using their best judgment at that particular moment. Making a decision when you are in the line of fire is vastly different from assessing a situation after a decision has been made. Though I am not a sports analyst, I do however give more credit to the quarterback who played the game on Sunday! At least, he threw the ball or was sacked!
I prefer the people who make the plays as opposed to those who call the plays! Action speaks louder than words. “Woulda, shoulda, coulda” folks are talkers not doers. Either they should get in the game, make decisions, or keep their mouths closed! That’s my “call!”
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