By Vernalee
How many of you are in the presence of folks who do little or absolutely nothing all day?
Please don’t email me your response because the high number would overload the circuits!
The do nothing’s walk around as if they are the kings/queens of the jungle; giving orders and taking names. With some, their incompetence matches their laziness. They are infectiously contagious because their allies are also freeloaders.
The do nothing’s have a non – discriminatory clause because they come in all races, genders, sizes, shapes, and colors. Remember, birds of the same feathers flock together!
They talk a good game as they acrobatically swirl in their comfy seats at their desks. They haven’t picked up a pencil in years other than to thump it on their desk which substitutes for a drum set.
Embarrassingly, they routinely show up late for meetings when they elect to grace their colleagues with their presence.
No dummies, many are computer savvy because they surf the Internet and play candy crush all day.
Did I mention that they collect bets for all of the gambling pools?
Wednesday is a big day, because they start planning their weekend.
Long lunches and excessive breaks are characteristic.
No one looks for them because they have so many hiding nooks making it too time consuming to locate them.
They talk excessively, cause trouble, create confusion, hang outside with the smokers, and lie continuously about things that don’t matter.
Excuse me!
I keep rattling on while you are preparing their incomplete weekly reports. Rather than deal with their foolishness, you just decided to do their job yourself. It’s less effort. Sure, it’s more work for you; less for them!
However, it beats interacting with them because they are such a pain to deal with…
What an unfair deal, but it keeps those spongers out of your hair; out of sight, out of mind.
Unfortunately, until they are suspended, fired, transferred, or removed from the job site, we have to endure them. For the record, they will never resign. Why?
Where else can they work and have it so good? They’re in paradise!
Let me stop talking about those do nothing’s because the conversation is much ado about nothing!
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