By Vernalee



Photo:  Keisha Knight Pulliam as a young Rudy Huxtable in the arms of her TV Daddy, Bill Cosby and on the Today Show after being fired from Celebrity Apprentice.

On this week’s Celebrity Apprentice, Rudy Huxtable aka Keisha Knight Pulliam got the boot. Donald Trump fired her because she did not call her television Daddy, Bill Cosby for a charitable contribution. This episode was taped long before the Cosby controversy,  however Rudy didn’t feel comfortable about the solicitation since she hadn’t talked to Bill in years. Personal prerogative, right?   Monday, Trump said on WTTG Fox 5, “I think he (Bill ) is probably guilty.” After hearing this, I once again went to the blog’s “Stuff We Talk About” (SWTA) legal advisor. An experienced litigator, here’s what she said. “I try my cases in the court of law and not the court of public opinion.” Impressive, don’t you think? Keisha said, “In America, we are innocent until proven guilty.” Twenty plus women have made negative comments about Cosby’s inappropriate sexual behavior. It seems unlikely that all of them are lying. When all is said and done, Bill will have to face the music. He will either be guilty as sin or an innocent victim.  The evidence will tell! What I will say to Donald’s verbal conviction of Bill,  I will provide a free consultation with SWTA’s attorney. She is a graduate of Columbia. She certainly knows her way around the law and NYC. You might can use her to defend some of your verbal blunders and miscellaneous actions. I know that with your billions, you don’t  really need my freebies. In fact, it should be the other way around, but consider this a gift! Oh what the heck! Bill, the same offer is extended to you!

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