By Vernalee
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In the beginning God created the family. Scriptural counsel clearly outlines the foundation for families when Eve was created as a companion for Adam; when they were told to be fruitful and multiply; and to bring up their children with an obedience to the Word. The Bible defines the familial roles for husbands, wives, and children. Indeed, the family is God’s masterpiece; a testament of his love. Families provide love, cohesiveness, and unity. As a team, families confront and deal with concerns and problems. There is strength and comfort in numbers. Who knew that better than our Heavenly Father? I love, adore, cherish, and respect my family. I have always seen my role to maternally and solidly provide guidance, wisdom, protection, and teaching. I ask and pray for God’s love, support, direction, and blessings as we as a family lovingly, diplomatically, and obediently move progressively forward as a united front. We need each other today, tomorrow, always! Prayer strengthens us; it always has; it always will! Let the family say Amen! Happy Sunday! God bless!
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