By Vernalee
In a small manufacturing plant, there were three men with the same first name. Whenever the foreman verbally directed a task order, all three answered. It was so confusing that he realized that he had to develop a new system. One of his subordinates suggested that he called them, Clint, Lee, and Eli respectively. Here’s the catch because there is always one. Their names coincided with their character traits. You see – one was a good guy; the other was always doing bad things. The third guy’s actions were downright ugly. So to make things simple, their newly established work names coincided perfectly with the characteristics of the respective movie actors. Go Clint, Lee, and Eli with your triplet behavioral lookalikes. I am sure that you know three people who may not necessarily have the same first names, but they certainly fit the bill of possessing the same defined characteristics being that of good, bad, and ugly. A star, or should I say three stars are born and two of them drive everyone nuts!
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