By Vernalee

Everybody behind bars can’t be guilty because there are too many so-called “innocent” perpetrators daily walking in and out of our lives who are crooks, liars, cheaters, and thieves. They are the best of the best in their crooked professions! They will pick your emotional pockets, and ruin your lives if you let them.
These so-called guiltless chameleons can convincingly tell a lie without blinking an eye. Straight shooters they are!
If they were sent away to Alcatraz, effortlessly they would fit right in. If they attempted an escape, the sharks would swim in the opposite direction! Let’s stop talking about these scum bugs. Let’s call in an enforcer. The likes of a Marshall Matt Dillon type with his imposing “6’6” gap leg walk” could successfully deal with this scheming conniving group. He would shake ‘em up in their boots! Hehe! My girlfriends and I say, “Eliminate the bad folks from our presence; lock them up, and throw away the keys!” If they continue with their monkeyshines, our alias Sheriff Dillon is right around the corner!
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