By Vernalee
Whatever happened to the old fashioned handshake deal? You remember those don’t you? The handshake sealed the deal. It brought two people together as they stood looking at each other eyeball to eyeball to make a covenant binding agreement. The handshake solidified your agreement to do what you said you would do. Honor was involved. In other words, it provided a firm grip for you to be a man or woman of your word. Said differently, a handshake deal was a verbal commitment to a transaction. Now, I know that we live in a litigious society and we must protect ourselves by memorializing the terms in a written agreement. It is an extra form of protection that can serve as evidence if misunderstandings occur. I do not underestimate their relevance or say that they are not needed, because they are! My reference is to the basic agreement of people honoring what they said. Sweaty hands, dry hands, warm hands … when met with another hand meant something. Perhaps, commitments and promises to do what you said that you would do are a thing of the past; forever gone. Maybe, trust and honor between two people don’t mean what they once did. When your word is no longer your bond, the essence of good faith is gone. Sometimes, I wish that what was old was new again! Word!
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