By Vernalee
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Geico Insurance has scored big with their commercial jingle featuring Ickey Woods as he does his famous “Ickey Shuffle.” Woods in his #30 jersey dances up to the meat counter to get his cold cuts when his ticket, #44 is called. A former fullback with the Cincinnati Bengals, Ickey Woods performed his trademark “Ickey Shuffle” zone dance with every touchdown he scored; 27 in three years to be exact. Quite honestly, not being an avid football fan in those days, I didn’t precisely remember the 25 year hence Ickey Shuffle. The Geico commercial, which went viral, of course caught my attention and hilarity. I don’t know if Geico’s sales have tremendously increased, but everyone is talking about the commercial. Notably, the commercial’s proceeds are being used to aid the Jovante Woods Foundation founded to support asthmatic research. An asthma attack took Woods’ 16 year old son’s, Jovante’s life. Now, he is giving back by helping others; he has once again made a winning score! What a way to go Ickey! Touchdown!
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