By Vernalee
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“Life happily ever after.” …Those fairytale words bring such delight! After walking down the aisle, eternal bliss is your thought. Sharing life with the one that you love and all the pleasurable activities that accompany that process is foremost in your mind. Months and years have now passed. After a considerable amount of time together; after rearing the children and sending them packing on their way; after becoming somewhat financially comfortable… and the like, you are finally ready to do the fun stuff. Let’s see. How about vacationing in Paris looking out of the hotel window at the Eiffel Tower; walking on the Siesta white sand beach; strolling down Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive; or maybe just relaxing snuggled up at home for a restful, romantic evening ! All would be nice. Then, one day, some of your and his dreams are shattered. Illnesses, doctor visits, and the forbidden thought of all, a lifelong disability is diagnosed. Your and his life is changed forever! Weight is shifted and just like Atlas, you are carrying the world with his and your load on your back. With dedicated determination, you make financial and emotional ends meet. Miraculously, a light bulb illuminates in your head when you realize that your mate is suffering more than you. He has the disability; you have the responsibility. There is no comparison in the tradeoff. So at the end of the day, you do what your spiritual mind tells you. You adhere to your marital vows, “…in sickness and in health….” You will be blessed for fulfilling your spousal obligations because God’s eyes are upon you and sees your goodness. Life is a journey and the roads that we travel are “full of life!” This article is dedicated to those doing double duty. God’s speed!
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