By Vernalee
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It’s December 28, 2014, the last Sunday of the year! It’s a time of reflections; a time to show love; a time to praise the Almighty God; a time of giving thanks that you are breathing the fresh air of life! As the year comes to an end, remember nothing can be taken back. Good, bad, indifferent, or apologetic, what is done is done! Now, the focus should be on the next day, the next year! I have learned that if I stack my deck with too many items, something doesn’t get accomplished. Therefore, my next year’s concentration will be on improvement. How can I improve personally, professionally, spiritually, and in all aspects of my life? How can I be a better Christian, Mother, Grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, person, friend, loved one, entrepreneur, author, listener, doer? Though all can judge, it starts with me and ends with me! If I am my best critic, maybe my improved actions this upcoming year will outshine last year’s. With God’s help, I can do it! I claim it!
Happy Sunday! God bless!
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