By Vernalee
When I was a student at Moore’s Elementary school, I had a teacher named Miss Ross.
A petite woman, she was stern and had an iron hand.
There were several things that were mandatory assignments. You had to learn them or face Miss Ross!
Everyone including me dreaded looking her in the eyes or feeling her black belt on your behind. In Mississippi in the early 1960’s, corporal punishment (as we called it) and religious teachings were still permitted in the classrooms.
If you were disciplined by Miss Ross, you couldn’t turn her in to your parents because in those days teachers ruled – unanimously; no questions asked! My parents felt that if I was punished, it was justified! Go figure!
One of Miss Ross’ mandatory recitations before the entire class was King David’s Twenty – Third Psalms. You had to say it over and over again until you got it right.
Today, I thank you Miss Ross because Psalms 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd” has helped, guided, and uplifted me in so many ways!
Miss Ross put those powerful words in my head; I put them in my heart.
Happy Sunday!
Be blessed!
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