You may not believe this, but my guy has a mistress.  The thought of it made me sick!

Before you think that I am hallucinating, the mistress is not another woman. That was the real shocker.  I had to lock myself up in my room when I first found out.

He shares more time with his mistress than me.  He even brought some of the mistress’ stuff home.

This is unimaginable.  What have I gotten myself into this time around?  To play second fiddle is not my cup of tea.  Being the queen that I am, I will not settle for second place.

I am not being melodramatic.  Are you sitting down?  Don’t “trip out” when I tell you who his lover really is.  Ready or not, here is the undisputable truth.
His mistress is his job!   He told me “I live to work; I work to live.  My job is my life; my life is my job.”

Some people thought that I was being too sensitive about this.  “At least he is not cheating with another woman,” was a tune that I frequently heard.  At least his lover is inanimate.  Should that mere fact bring me consolation?

Everything depends upon our individual point of view.   The fact remains:  I don’t exclusively have him, his job is my competitor.  His job and I are “man sharing;” plain and simple.

I tried everything under the sun.  I am a trouper, but on this one I can’t compete.  He has found equal and / or greater fulfillment with his job as with me.   At least, I realize that fact!  His job gives him orgasmic pleasures of sort.  We both are his lovers, I guess!   No matter how you look at it….A loss is a loss!

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