By Vernalee
A White female colleague of mine commented recently on my blog post (My Word! on May 3rd) about the “N” word. Her comment dealt with the disturbing use of Black people calling each other niggers. Oh yes, we have heard the “N” word conversational profanity many times. “What’s happening my nigger? Nigger, this; nigger that!” It begs to ask: Does it really matter from whose mouth the word, nigger, comes? According to, the word nigger is a contemptuous term for a black or dark skinned person. Of course, it is equally derogatory, extremely disparaging, and offensive.
The “N” word does not change its dictionary meaning when used in colloquial conversations among Black folks. Its meaning is the same whether it is uttered from a tongue deeply rooted in the mouth of white or black skin. How can we as blacks rationally defend what we use ourselves? Guard your mouth! Be mindful of derogatory words because once they are released, they cannot be rescinded. The damage is done! Thus, the contemptuous word nigger is “out of order” in my court! I rest my case!
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