By Vernalee
There are not a number of television shows that capture my attention. One, though that I have been recently drawn to is “Uncover Boss.” Of course, I know that like most television shows that it is scripted and the storyline is somewhat predictable.
Recently, I watched 3 episodes which featured:
Don Fertman, the Chief Development Officer of Subway
(who ironically had worked at Subway for 29 years and had never made a sandwich; Frontier Airlines CEO Bryan Bedford; and DirecTV CEO Mike White. The fascinating aspects about these episodes were not the undercover disguises or clandestine motives. Rather, it was the value of the bosses understanding and appreciating their employees – for who they are and what they do. Intertwined in the executives’ experience was intimately learning about their company’s operation and culture (for which some were clueless); alongside ascertaining how operations and productivity could be enhanced. I challenge Presidents and executive teams to actively and directly get involved with their employees. Although, it’s Halloween season, you (as President) don’t need to wear a disguise. Go as yourself. I am confident that your life, your employees’ lives, and your company’s bottom line will improve.
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