By Vernalee
We see orange barrels everyday on the roads and highways. They provide navigation signals, alerts, and directions. They may signify a host of traffic related nuances. For sure, we don’t drive into them. Mostly, we slow down. Maybe, it’s danger ahead, construction work, pavement disasters, or something concerning. The orange barrels warn us beforehand. Their bright orange and white colors are visibly noticeable. We cannot miss them! Changing the course, what about the “orange barrels” that we see in our relationships? They too are visible, noticeable, and usually represent repetitive behaviors. Unlike the highway barrels, we tend to ignore them. Sometimes, we think we can change the behaviors that the orange barrels represent! Realize this! You cannot remove the barrels; they belong to your partner – not you! Duh! If you keep cruising along in the relationship, ignoring and excusing what the bright orange barrels signify, you are doomed to crash! Heed the warnings; deal with them; be careful. Don’t ignore what you see in your path! You wouldn’t on the highway; don’t ….. in your life!
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