By Vernalee
Can you go over board with your sale techniques? Can your aggressiveness turn a potential customer away? Sure, it can! The key to any sales or marketing presentation borders on psychology and timing as you connect to your to be client. Assessing / fulfilling a need, creating a desire (even if it’s nonexistent), influencing the customer to buy are the crucial steps. Lest not forget that the sales approach is just as important as the presentation. If none of the steps are delicately balanced, a successful close becomes a difficult task or a remote possibility at best! Staging a follow up may be better than grandstanding a customer whose mind isn’t there! Perhaps, you need to try to get into the prospective customer’s head like magician and illusionist Criss Angel! If you can’t pull a rabbit out of the hat, per se, the tricks didn’t work! Perhaps the goal should be the “second comeback” whereby you try to influence again without turning the client permanently away! It’s magic … .coupled with abilities / strategies. Though I am not a magician by any stretch of the imagination, my realistic message to yesterday’s high pressured time share sales team is that your overdrive didn’t work! Try a different persuasive technique with the dissonant folks! Your success ratio of achieving the sale may improve!
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