By Vernalee
listerine-cool-mint-antiseptic-mouthwash is going on in the NBA?
“I’m prejudiced,” billionaire, Shark Tank investor, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban said this week. Wow! My Mother gave me some wise words that I passed down to my children. Maybe, it will help you. “Everything you think, you don’t need to say!” Timing is everything! However, whatever is inside will eventually come out! It’s how … we bring things out that demonstrate our maturity. Stop! I cannot rationalize someone else’s missteps. I have to be on guard every day for guarding my own words and sensitivities to others. By the way, Mr. Cuban, your apology to Trayvon Martin’s Mother helped! To get a second opinion on my thoughts, I called my former college roommate and sister girl who is a dentist in Mississippi. It’s good to have knowledgeable friends! So, based upon sound dental advice, what I can offer to you Mark is a gargle of Listerine or Scope; whatever your preference. You have enough money to buy the variety pack! A swish of Listerine can kill bacteria when you gargle and wash out your mouth before you speak!
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